Sustainable Development in Iceland

Sustainable Development in Iceland

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Welfare for the Future is an example of strategic framework on a national level and is the perspective of the Icelandic Government on Sustainable Development in Iceland to the year 2020.

Velferd_Forsida_0001Sustainability principles can apply at all scales, from international to local. An example of sustainability principles at the national scale is Iceland's Strategy for Sustainable Development 2002-2020 called Welfare for the Future.

The term "welfare" refers to economic aspects and also to a wider definition of the quality of life including social and environmental factors. This strategy identified indicators that Iceland will use to measure performance against sustainable development goals into the future.

While the Sustainability Initiative for the Fjarðaál and Kárahnjúkar projects focuses on the local level, it also has a broader context that coincides with national, regional, and international sustainable development strategies such as Iceland's Welfare for the Future, the Nordic Strategy, and the principles of Agenda 21. 

Linkages to International, Regional, and National Sustainability Strategies
This sustainability initiative has considered, as appropriate, indicators that are used in other international, regional, and national strategies. The table in the upper right corner provides examples of how sustainability issues are addressed in the various strategies. The strategies often have similar indicators or goals that differ primarily by scale. Click on the table to see a larger image.