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24.10.2018 : Public health indicators

Public health indicatorsThe Directorate of Health publishes annually health indicators for the whole country as well as broken down by public health jurisdictions. This allows each jurisdiction to compare their status to the rest of the country, identify strengths and weaknesses that can be used to set a course for better public health and well-being. Meira...

26.9.2018 : Update on indicator 2.4

The latest information about the erosion of Jökulsá í Fljótsdalur river and Lagarfljót river has been published. 


22.3.2018 : Annual general meeting 2018

The annual general meeting of the Eastern Sustainability initiatives will be held in Icelandair Hotel Hérað, on May 8 from 14 – 18


25.1.2018 : Supervisory board workshop

The Supervisory board, is responsible for how the initiative is conducted. The board members represent the owners, Alcoa Fjarðaál and Landsvirkjun plus the municipalities of Fjarðabyggð and Fljótsdalshérað and the University of Akureyri Research Centre.


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