2.9 Oil/Chemical Spills due to operation

Indicator 2.9 - Oil/Chemical Spills due to projects and operation

oliu-og-efnalekar-toppmyndOil and chemical spills can cause significant ecological damage.

Precautionary measures to prevent large scale oil and chemical spills around the smelter and berthing area are important to prevent ecological damage.



Number of spills over 20 liters and 2000 liters per year on land (power plant and smelter) and from cargo ships berthed at Mjóeyrarhöfn harbour.

Table 1. Oil and chemical spills at Alcoa Fjarðaál and Fljótsdalsstöð Power Station in 2007-2016.

 Year / Chemical spills
 Alcoa Fjarðaál
  over 20 liters
 over 2000 liters
over 20 liters
over 2000 liters
2007  0  0  0  0
2008  2  0  0  0
2009  0  0  0  0
2010  0  0  1  0
 2011  0  0  0  0
 2012  0  0  0  0
 2013  1  0  0  0
 2014  1  0
 0  0
 2015  0  0  0  0
 2016  0   0   0   0 

Updated:  September 2017
Source:    Alcoa Fjarðaál and Landsvirkjun, (2009 - 2017)

Monitoring Protocol

Metrics: What is measured?

a. Number of spills over 20 liters and 2,000 liters per year on land (power plant and smelter) and from ships at berth at Mjóeyrarhöfn harbour. (Project effect: direct).

Monitoring Protocol

Recording of incidents:

  • Fljótsdalur Power Station: Station manager is responsible for recording every incident.
  • Fjardaál: EHS team guarantees that every incident is recorded.


Fljótsdalsstöð Power Station and Alcoa Fjarðaál:

  • 0 spills over 20 liters
  • 0 spills over 2,000 liters

Possible countermeasures

Safety regulations and supervision should effect handling oil and chemical without any pollution.

Changes of indicator

In forth phase of the initiative the numbers of the sustainability were changed. This indicator was originally number 22.3. and is referenced as 22.3 in early documents of the project.

This indicator was originally named “Project-related Oil/Chemical spills”.  On a steering group meeting,  on February 3 2011, it was agreed to change the name to "Oil/Chemical spills due to project and operation" since spills can occur both during construction and operation.

Rationale for Indicator Selection

Oil and chemical spills can cause significant ecological damage.  The long-term sustainability of  East Iceland ecosystem is, in part, dependent upon preventing large-scale oil and chemical releases to the lands and waters surrounding the smelter and berthing area.  The economic vitality of East Iceland, for non-Alcoa employees, is largely reliant on the maintenance of the local marine ecosystem.


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